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Built on fine traditions of integrity and reliability.

About Us


The Anchor Foods story began in 1854 when an enterprising young mariner and merchant from the Shetland Isles, Gilbert Wood, took possession of an unpaid cargo. Where others would have seen ruin, he saw opportunity and with great initiative, on-sold the groceries to recover debts.


Opting to leave his life on the high seas, Gilbert started his own grocery store and chose the sign of the Anchor as its symbol. From humble beginnings, the company prospered and quickly gained the reputation of being a first class supplier of quality grocery foods across Australia.


For well over 100 years the port city of Fremantle has been the home of Anchor Foods. Australians have grown up with Anchor Foods products. The business is one of Australia's oldest grocery food companies and is a pantry icon representing a significant piece of Australia's history. Anchor Foods portfolio of brands include household names like Lighthouse, Lion and Spencers Spices.​​

Anchor Foods is guided by its following values that bring delight to its consumers.

  • Innovation

  • Speed

  • BRC Quality

  • Real Value

  • Relationships with Integrity




Anchor Foods has a long-term commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and for the impact of our business decisions and activities on society and the environment, consumers, employees and communities. Anchor Foods monitors and ensures its support to WHS, ethical standards, laws and international norms, and embraces its responsibility for the impact of its activities on the environment.

We commit to this with transparent and ethical behaviour that:

  • Contributes to sustainable development, including the health and the welfare of society

  • Eliminates or minimises risk and provides a workplace that enables all work activities to be carried out safely;

  • Takes into account the expectations of stakeholders

  • Is in compliance with applicable laws and consistent with international norms of behaviour, and

  • Is integrated throughout the organisation and practised in its relationships.


Gold Workspace Plan Certificate 


We believe communities work better when everyone gives something back. At Anchor Foods, the culture of giving back is deeply embedded in our everyday business and we strive to make a difference by contributing to the community to help create a brighter future. We proudly support a range of community organisations and charities including:

  • Foodbank

  • Ronald McDonald House (PMH)

  • McGrath Foundation

  • Australia's Biggest Morning Tea

  • Starlight Children's Foundation

  • Local sporting groups

  • Local community groups and schools


Local (Australian) food represents an alternative to the global food model, a model which often sees food traveling long distances before it reaches the consumer. A local food network involves relationships between food producers, suppliers, retailers, and consumers in a particular place where they work together to increase food security and ensure economic, ecological and social sustainability of a community.

Anchor Foods chooses when available, to source raw materials and packaging from suppliers in Australia in order to develop more self-reliant and resilient food networks, improve local economies, and for greater environmental, community and social impact.


In recognition of Triple Bottom Line reporting (People, Planet, Profit), Anchor Foods is committed to protecting the community and the environment and recognises the relationship of food manufacturing operations to our global and local environments.

Anchor Foods is a signatory to the National Packaging Covenant. The Covenant is a voluntary initiative developed by the Australian Government and Industry to reduce the environmental impacts arising from the use and disposal of packaging.

As a signatory, Anchor Foods is required to demonstrate a commitment to the sustainable manufacture, use and recovery of packaging through better design, manufacture and recycling process. Anchor Foods is committed to caring for the environment and reducing its carbon foot print wherever possible. A continuous improvement action plan has been implemented reviewing product packaging design, manufacturing process and recycling procedures across all divisions of the business, with the objective of reducing our impact on the environment.


Food labels can provide a wide range of information to help consumers make food choices. Food labels also help to protect public health and safety by displaying information such as use by dates, ingredients, certain allergens, instructions for storage and preparation, and advisory and warning statements. FSANZ sets standards for what information must be on food labels.

For more information about reading food labels, visit the FSANZ website:

Best Before dates are shown on packaged foods that should be consumed within a specific timeframe, although you may not find one on foods that have a long shelf life. Use By dates are only used on perishable foods.


Anchor Foods has achieved British Retail Consortium (BRC) quality standard certification. (Certificate registration number GB08/73864).

A high level of focus and commitment to Food Safety and Quality is required to obtain and maintain BRC certification. The BRC standard is considered to be the highest level of Food Safety and Quality Standard accreditation issued globally and is considered the optimal food standard accreditation in countries such as Europe, the UK and Asia. Few companies in Australia have managed to obtain the BRC level of certification and it demonstrates Anchor Foods continued commitment to Food Safety and Quality.

Anchor Foods has been certified to HACCP Food Safety accreditation certificate registration FSAU02/330 since 2001.

This is the foundation that Anchor Foods has based its Food Safety system on. Anchor Foods continues to strive for new levels of Food Safety and Quality and will always remain focussed on the safety of its products.


Anchor Foods is committed to the maintaining a high standard of ethical business practice and corporate governance, and the highest possible standards of openness, honesty and accountability.  Anchor Foods require its directors, officers and employees to observe high standards of business conduct and ethics, as well as compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, corporate reporting and disclosure, accounting practices and controls, auditing practices and other matters relating to fraud. 

In line with that commitment, we expect anyone who has serious concerns about any aspect of the work within Anchor Foods relating to product safety, integrity, quality & legality to come forward and inform us of those concerns.


Anchor Foods has a Confidential Reporting procedure that provides a mechanism through which such concerns can be reported and investigated. This Confidential Reporting Procedure applies to all members of staff and contractors working for Anchor Foods. It also covers suppliers and those providing services under a contract with Anchor Foods on their own premises. See link below for our Confidential Reporting Procedure. To make a report see “whistleblowing” contact email address contained.

Our Brands


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Address: 148 Carrington St , Fremantle, WA 6163

Phone: 1800 800 868


Phone: (08) 9314 4240


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